My name is Corine van der Werf. For over 25 years now I work alternately on Art & Interior projects. My purpose as an artist is to (re-)connect people through my work with their inner needs and true values as expressed in their environment. For me this “environments” enfolds of our own bodies, our homes till our planet earth we live on!

The works shown on this everchanging website give an impression of the variety of my work and are for sale. They are also potential material for upcoming installations or expositions, as well as applicable in a variety of INTERIOR-projects.

Take a look around !
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Trots Gift Store

Van november tot maart zijn er naast een groot assortiment
grote en kleine cadeaus ook nieuwe “CWuirky Lights”
te vinden op de nieuwe locatie van de Trots Gift Store;
Hessenweg 164-166 te Bilthoven.
Openingstijden woensdag t/m zaterdag 09.30 – 17.30 u.
Hartelijk Welkom !


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