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During my study on the HKU(1989) I went to Spain for 3 years. Back in Holland my business started in 1995 ,and I developed my skills with a variety of commissions and expositions. From 2006-2014 I lived and worked in Germany ; in Baarn since 2014. Watch my CV for further details.

Although ART & INTERIOR are two different work-areas, embodied in me as ONE person a continuous exchange and overlap is inevitable. In a short time, here you will find a mix of articles and references to get an overall impression of my work.

Corine van der Werf

… collects paper, organic material, fabrics and pictures to intuitively transform these ingredients, layer by layer, into new skins.
Hides that are diverse in texture, format and tone. These newly created skins form the material she uses for her various 2 and 3-dimensional installations that her expositions are composed of.
The overall theme of her work is the visible and invisible transformations in a human’s lifespan.
In particular, Corine focusses on the human body in its multi-layered expression. The body’s skin becomes a metaphor that points to our everchanging points of vieuw in this lifetime. .

It is hardly noticeable that we continually shed and renew our skin. Still, it is a process at work permanently, on the outside as well as inside. We change and yet remain the same. What we could call ‘our soul’ travels on and yet we leave our Selves behind.
If these secretive, bodily transformations could be at all imagined, Corine van der Werf did show this close up in her series of visual installations: WHO LIVES IN THIS BODY.

’s Everywhere she shows the products of her imagination and artistic inspiration, we as viewers cannot help being drawn into multiple, layered parallel universes. We participate and are transformed into a living part of her installation, often created on the spot.

In August 2017 Van der Werf has worked as an Artist in Residence in Germany (QUELLE). This gave a strong impulse to the thematic development of her installation QUEST in december 2017.
Her work has deepened and reveals Jungian collective unconscious aspects we all share but seem to have forgotten. Her installations mirror our own mythical and mysterious worlds.

To go back in and travel through our inner worlds, Van der Werf’s ‘Mobile Meditation Modules’-or ‘The OTHER APP-”project invite us to experience the layered silence within ourselves.

The ongoing exposition WHISPERING WINGS expresses her take on actuality .It is both an IN MEMORIAM to all those refugees who lost their lives looking for better circumstances and a mirror to us, a wake-up call to reflect on our lives here. We are all species of the same kind!