...which arises naturally from a focussing on HOT ITEMS at our planet earth in present times.  My wish is that my work – the outcome of a fresh look with an artist’s eye and a passionate heart – will raise awareness, stimulate reflection and  contribute to a widening vieuw.

The  subjects I focus on are  NATURE, SILENCE, COMPASSION, CONNECTION and SELF-REFLECTION. Installations, paintings, photo’s and poems  serve as my ‘language’ and allow me to express my views on these matters. I use paper, organic material and textiles  to create my pieces. Some works will eventually perish ,others remain the same (as transformation is an important aspect of my work;-). 

Next to my ‘free ‘ work I also work on commission. Does my work appeal to you? Whether you are an individual or a company, township or charity-organisation .? Contact me ;

info@corinevanderwerf.nl – 0031-(0) 6-37085602

My work is divided in the following segments:

heART as I N S P I R A T I O N for a NATURAL eARTh